I teach an Advanced Art International Baccalaureate 1-2 class. The class consists primarily of juniors, though I do have 2 seniors. The students just got their sketchbooks last week and their first assignment was to do a self-portrait using graphite pencil on the very first page. Because I do the assignments with them, and it is due on Monday, I just spent a couple of hours drawing my self-portrait. I had them start their book this way for a couple of reasons: first, it serves as a record of who they are as they begin this sketchbook and second, it shows their skill level at the start of the school year. All of my sketchbooks are begun with a self-portrait and I enjoy going back to see how I have visually changed over the years.

8-18-12, Self-Portrait, graphite pencil in sketchbook


This Past Week’s Collages

This past week kiddos were back in my classroom. I had a fabulous week and I just know that this will be a great school year. My classes are full, more than full. I have 20 students in my Advanced Art IB (International Baccalaureate) class. That is twice as many as I had last year! It will be a challenge for me when it comes to grading their sketchbooks as I will have multiples to grade every day. I don’t mind, in fact I am pretty excited. Even my Drawing & Painting 3-4 class is maxed out with 31 students! I am excited that so many 1-2 kids wanted to take the next level course.
I did manage to create a few collages this week, in the evenings, when I needed time to myself. Since my collage titled “Pick Your Poison”, I have continued a theme of alcohol and handsome men….go figure.

8-6-12, “Waiting for Stella”, 6″ x 6″, mixed media on board

8-7-12, “Welcome”, 6″ x 6″, found papers on board

8-8-12, “Seeing Eye to Eye”, 6″ x 6″, mixed media on paper