Thinking of Friday Evening

This collage began with the image of the woman driving, I really did like the dreamy look she had on her face. The image actually came from a 1959 Newsweek magazine, it was from a car advertisement.

8-25-12, “Thinking of Friday Evening”, 6″x6″, mixed media on board

I added some color to her lips and glasses before I did anything else. For the background, I used some newspaper that I had stained and then sewn together.


Crater Lake

I have an 11″ x 14″ watercolor sketchbook that I use to paint images of places that I travel too. My initial intention was to paint plen air, but I never seemed to have the time as we traveled from place to place. Instead I just take lots of photographs and them paint when I am back home in my studio. This painting of Crater Lake was from my summer travels up the west coast to Olympia, Washington.

8-19-12, “Crater Lake”, 11″ x 14″, watercolor


I teach an Advanced Art International Baccalaureate 1-2 class. The class consists primarily of juniors, though I do have 2 seniors. The students just got their sketchbooks last week and their first assignment was to do a self-portrait using graphite pencil on the very first page. Because I do the assignments with them, and it is due on Monday, I just spent a couple of hours drawing my self-portrait. I had them start their book this way for a couple of reasons: first, it serves as a record of who they are as they begin this sketchbook and second, it shows their skill level at the start of the school year. All of my sketchbooks are begun with a self-portrait and I enjoy going back to see how I have visually changed over the years.

8-18-12, Self-Portrait, graphite pencil in sketchbook

Life Drawing

This past Tuesday evening I did go to my life drawing session. Craig was our model; he always takes the most unusual poses. These drawings represent three different 20-minute poses. I worked in graphite pencil in my 11″x14″ sketchbook. I have two more drawings that I started, but I want to come back in and add some more value to them before I post photos. I will try to finish those drawings today, since it is Saturday.